Who - Lavie Raven and the students of North Lawndale College Prep
What- My Sister's Keeper is about having positive role models in young women's lives and empowering young women to look out for each other.
When- April 2011

Information and photo by Katie Bordner.

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Who- Youth of a variety of ethnicities
What-the meanings of education
when- April 2011
Why- Because youth set their minds to other things besides an education.
How- Displaying youth working in school and values to their family.

Information collected by Tyshaun Harris from Charles Leek.

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Who- Residents of Mexican Americans and African Americans living in the Cermak area really intnended for youth.
What- Corey is doing dis 1 so dont touch it

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Who-North Lawndale
What-To me its about expressing your self. Meaning if you want to lay upside down you can do so, and if you wanna listen to music and even sing while your listening then you can do so as well.
Where-Between Ogden and Cermak road.
By:Noeshia Washington

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who: North Lawndale
what: i believe this is about the things Dr. Martin Luther King went through and speeched about to help each and every last one of us as an individual to live and dream as big as the world itself.
where: Douglas and Boulevard
by:Angelique Hawkins
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Who: This mural was drawn by the youth in the area. This was also produced by WACA staff who helped make this.
What: This mural shows the community of black people of all ages who live and have courage and strife for their lives.
Where: This is on the corner on Central Park. So big that everyone can see it.
By: Kimberly Carter
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