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Who: Gamaliel Ramirez Studio made it.
When: it was painted in the year of 2004 during their 11th annual.
What's it about: This mural is about Lolita's prayers for the homeland of their community.
Where: it was located on Campbell and Dicison street.

Rakim Jackson

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Who-Human Rights Network
WhatPolitical banner relating to Puerto Rico

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Who - Archi Treasures
What - The Puerto Rican Flag
When - September 1797
Where - Humboldt Park
Why - This was a school project done by the Don Pedro Albizu Campus. It was in partnership with Archi Treasures. This was done to recognize the Puerto Rican culture and flag.
By : Manesha Barnes
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By : Shanell Blunt
Who- Garciais Auto
What- Coqui (Puerto Rican Frog)
Where- Division and California

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Who-primer desfile
What-The mexican flag and puertorriqueno
Where- Humboldt Park